Elementary student continues his “KidCreations” charity

KidCreations, a charity organization founded by an elementary student, is asking for donations to meet their goal of giving 350 activity bags to patients at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge.

They have not yet met this year’s goal and would appreciate any donations. Specific items they need are on their Amazon wishlist and monetary donations are also welcomed by Venmo or PayPal.

KidCreations was the idea of now 14-year-old Collin Sprouse when he was in elementary school in 2018.

He was selected to participate in the Louisiana Student of the Year program and became a state finalist, which is an honor only seven students in the state receive.

After participating in the program, Collin’s parents say he was inspired to help his community in a big way.

The Sprouse family have a tradition they call the “Sprouse House 30 days of Giving,” which encourages the children (Collin, Carrington, and Caydence) to give back to their community in many different ways.

Each day for the month of December parents, Jonathan and Allison Sprouse, ask their children to perform one small act of kindness or generosity whether it be volunteering at a food pantry, donating toys or leaving coins in vending machines.

“They actually really loved it. Like one example of a small thing they did was we were at Chick-fil-A, and they were able to give another family ice cream,” Jonathan Sprouse said.

With a family tradition like this and his experience with the Louisiana Student of the Year program Collin decided to invent his own charity- KidCreations.

Every year around the holidays, they donate activity bags to OLOL Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge.

The activity bags are divided by age group and all include age appropriate activity books, toys and easy crafts they can do in the hospital.

“We usually do some sort of small toy for some of the small babies… For some of the older kids we may do like a Rubiks cube… Sometimes we give little fidget toys, just something they can keep busy with to kind of take their mind off things,” he said.

Collin decided to focus on donating to OLOL Children’s Hospital after seeing a commercial for the hospital.

Jonathan Sprouse said, “We gave him some ideas for things he might want to consider and kids have kind of been something he has always been focused on and wanted to do, so we just ran with it.”

The Sprouse family hopes to keep KidCreation going for many more years even when Collin one day goes off to college,

Collin currently wants to pursue Pediatric Dentistry meaning he will be able to continue giving back to the community and caring for children.

To keep up to date with the current needs of the organization, follow their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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