Ex-boyfriend accused of murder & holding two women at gunpoint

A 23-yr-old man from Slidell, La was arrested in Jefferson Parish on several charges including first-degree murder for an incident in the Gardere area on Sunday evening.

Robert Brown is accused of entering a home without the owner’s permission in the 8800 block of Old Hermitage Parkway in Gardere in Baton Rouge on May 22, 2022 at 7:35pm.

Deputies responded to the home for a shooting.

So far in their investigation, deputies have learned that Darrell Simmons III, 19, and his girlfriend were preparing to leave out the home. As they opened to door to leave out, Brown allegedly entered the home with a gun.

Brown is accused of shooting Simmons multiple times. Brown allegedly then ordered Simmons’ girlfriend to the floor with a gun pointed at her.

After hearing the gun shots, the girlfriend’s sister came downstairs at which time Brown allegedly also ordered her down on the ground with her sister with a gun pointed at both of them for 45 minutes.

Deputies say Brown was pacing between the kitchen and living room while pointing the gun at the women for 45 minutes. That’s when Brown allegedly shot Simmons several more times while he was lying on the kitchen floor. Simmons died on the scene.

The girlfriend is Brown’s ex-girlfriend. The two are said to have dated for about 1.5 years.

Simmons’ girlfriend positively identified Brown as the alleged shooter.

Deputies said Brown fled the home stealing marijuana from the home. Brown is said to have been wearing dark colored clothes. Deputies responded to an area where a man was seen possibly changing clothes.

There, deputies found dark clothing with Brown’s identification in a wallet and two handguns.

Brown was arrested for an outstanding warrant on the Gardere incident in Marrero by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Dept.

Brown is charged with one count of first degree murder, one count of aggravated burglary, false imprisonment and two counts of offender armed with dangerous weapon.

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