Family displaced, in need after car lands in their roof

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, the Scadlock family is still displaced after a car crashed into their roof.

This incident happened around Friday, Nov. 11th in Zachary. The driver of the vehicle, who was alone in the car, allegedly had a seizure which caused her foot to lock down on the accelerator and forced her to hit a ditch at 80 miles per hour.

After slamming into the ditch at such a high speed, the vehicle bottomed out, hit the tree, and slammed into the carport forcing it to flip onto the roof of a Zachary home. The driver was injured but is now reported to be in stable condition.

Anthony Scadlock, 13, was home with his seven-yr-old little brother when they heard and felt the car crash into their home.

“I hear a car, I hear it get a little bit louder and then it just goes silent for a bit and it gets really loud and then it crashes into the house. I hear the first thing it crashes into the tree, then crashed into the window and flipped over.” Anthony Scadlock described.

Anthony’s parents, Rosa and Sean Scadlock were headed home from work when they got an unforgettable phone call from their neighbor around 5:30pm.

“They said, ‘We have the kids. The kids are safe. Don’t hurry, but there’s a car on top of your roof’ and I was like, ‘What?’ They said, ‘There’s a car on top of your roof’,” Sean Scadlock said.

After receiving that call, the Scadlocks were in complete shock.

Rosa said, “It was the scariest moment of my life when I heard my son screaming and my little one crying. We were ten minutes away from the house.”

The Scadlocks and the rest of the neighbors were in disbelief at how a car accident could force the family of four to be displaced.

“This main support beam was snapped. We had to brace it up and just do what we could do right now. We just tied it into the carport’s support beams. The front ones were crushed. The carport is basically crushed in half,” Sean said.

Because of the rain last weekend, Scadlock put up some temporary plywood to attempt to keep their family home of years from being damaged even more.

Even though this was not an intentional or criminal act by the driver, it does not take away how difficult this has been for the Scadlocks to live through and take in.

“The holiday season is coming and my boys won’t be at home. It’s just a hard time but we’ll get through it, we’ll get through it,” Rosa said as she held back tears.

To make the situation worse, the family is covering the costs completely out of pocket while their own homeowner’s insurance and driver’s insurance debate culpability.

Rosa said,”The homeowner’s insurance wants to go after the liability of the vehicle’s insurance.”

They wait and hope to be reimbursed, but in the meantime, they are spending money they did not have set aside.

“Tens of thousands of dollars, we don’t even know the extent of it before we can get someone to work on it. I mean we had a little bit set aside but nothing like this, never thought this was going to happen,” Rosa explained.

Even when the reimbursement comes through, there is no guarantee the insurance will cover the extensive damage: a new carport, roof and bringing the entire home back to code.

The Scadlocks have secured a temporary place to stay, but they need help.

“We’re asking for the community’s help. We do have homeowner’s insurance but we don’t think it’s going to cover,” said Rosa.

After being displaced from their family home for an act they could not have prevented, the family of four is counting their blessings and are thankful they are all physically okay.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, if you can help the family, please donate to their GoFundMe account.

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