Family: Nick Tullier may now have a liver infection

Time & time again, we have seen the power of prayer when it comes to Deputy Nick Tullier. The family is coming to you once again asking for prayers as Nick may now be diagnosed with a liver infection.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Tullier started running fever early Wednesday according to his dad James Tullier. He’s been put on a broad-spectrum antibiotic and doctors ran testS.

The family was told a while ago that Tullier has an infection in his liver. Other doctors/specialists are now being brought on board, but it’s still unclear how everyone & everything will move forward.

Tullier has been in a Baton Rouge hospital since November 2021, unfortunately facing one hurdle after another. It’s why the family is asking for extra prayers.

Tullier has an appointment today, March 10th, with the additional doctors so we will keep you updated on his status.


In the meantime, please don’t forget, his parents read him every letter and card you all send.

Address to mail them to:

P.O. Box 938

Denham Springs, LA 70727

He may not be responding to anyone, but he can hear what everyone is saying so if you want to submit a video with you or your loved ones saying anything to Tullier, please email it here.   

Want to get your own t-shirts, bracelets or decals to support Nick? Send a message to the Nick Tullier FB Page here

Want to donate to Tullier? Click here for Nick Tullier’s GoFundMe

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