Family offering $30,000 reward after 87-yr-old grandfather beat up

An 87-yr-old man had a gun put up to his head as he was allegedly forced to open his safe, then tied up before the suspect left out in his 2005 Ford Taurus.

The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office is actively looking for the person who held an 87-yr-old man at gunpoint and then robbed him of his money and truck all while his family was attending his ex-wife’s funeral. Officials say the incident happened around 8pm on Jan. 17th in the 33,000 block of Hwy 441.

“Upon arrival, LPSO deputies made contact with the male victim. The victim had a cut to his head. Detectives learned that an unidentified ‘masked’ suspect confronted the victim outside of his home & then, attacked him. The suspect was armed & demanded the victim’s money & valuables. Once the suspect gained access to those things, the victim was tied up. The suspect fled in the victim’s vehicle: 2005 Ford Taurus. Vehicle is greenish/brown in color,” said LPSO Sheriff Jason Ard.

The family tells Unfiltered with Kiran that someone broke in Lloyd Hutchinson’s home (Aka “Sonny,” beat him and then held a gun to his head before forcing him to open his safe and taking everything. The family said the person then tied him up and stole his car. They’re asking the public to be on the lookout for an older greenish brown 2005 Ford Taurus.

“Pawpaw is beat up pretty bad but he’s stable. It takes a pathetic cowardly pos to do this to a nearly 90-yr-old man especially while the whole family has been at our grandma’s funeral this evening,” said his grandson Wyatt Pearson.

Hutchinson did have to go to a hospital for stitches but has since been released.

It’s why the family is independently offering a reward up to $30,000 for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever did this.

Hutchinson is the father of Carol Hutchinson, a woman who was murdered in Sept. 2019 at a daycare allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend. 

The family said they were wrapping up at their grandmother’s funeral (Hutchinson’s ex-wife) when they heard their paw paw was violently attacked. 

“We would like to add that we are very appreciative of our sheriffs office/justice system and the detectives who are working very hard, but just to increase our chances, several family members and friends are putting up a $30,000 cash reward for the info leading to the arrest and conviction of who did this,” said Pearson.

Anyone with information on this case is encouraged to call LPSO at 225-686-2241 x1 or Greater Baton Rouge Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-STOP.

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