Father, daughter Krispy Kreme tradition comes to an end after shooting

A father/daughter tradition of eight years to go get donuts at Krispy Kreme in Baton Rouge comes to an end after several rounds were fired while the two were inside waiting to order.

It was around 11:10am on Monday, Dec. 19th when Jeremy Linton & his daughter Kathryn Linton, 15, were inside the donut store on Plank Rd. in Baton Rouge waiting to place their order.

“We heard about 2-3 shots coming from the drive-thru window. We hit the ground. I covered my daughter,” said Jeremy Linton. “She was screaming and I heard 4-5 more shots and you could see all the glass in the drive-thru. It was all shattered. As soon as the shooting stopped, I got up. They didn’t really want us to leave. They said, ‘Don’t leave because we don’t know where they went,’ and I was like I’m not waiting so we just ran to the car. As soon as I got to my car, I saw the police. I got in my car, called my wife and we left.”

Linton said Krispy Kreme are his absolute favorite donuts. He grew up on them himself when there was a Krispy Kreme on Siegen Lane. His love for the donuts was passed on to his daughter Kathryn, plus that’s their father, daughter time. The two go every other Saturday to Krispy Kreme when Linton is off of work. Today, he happened to be off and Kathryn is off from school for the holidays. Instead, the father daughter tradition was interrupted with a shooting.

“What was going through my head was to keep my daughter safe. It seems so surreal. Is this really happening? We’re sitting there at 11 o’clock on a Monday and we just hit the ground. My daughter was terrified. She was like, ‘I’m scared, I’m scared.’ I just covered her until the shooting stopped and then we left,” said Linton.

Officials with Baton Rouge Police say four men with masks and gloves parked behind Krispy Kreme, got out of their white SUV and shot several rounds towards a specific vehicle that was in the drive-thru. After the shooting, the four men got back into the SUV and fled the area. Police did find their abandoned vehicle on Alexander Ave., less than a mile away.


A person did show up at a Baton Rouge hospital shot in the leg. The victim said they were shot in the drive-thru at Krispy Kreme.

As for the Lintons, their father, daughter tradition at the Krispy Kreme in Baton Rouge is now over thanks to the crime.

“It’s sad knowing that we can’t continue to do what we’ve been doing for years due to an increase in crime,” said Linton. “Not sure if I’m sad, mad or both. I’ve been through a lot, but nothing like this.”

Linton said over the past few years, he’s noticed after they return home from their Krispy Kreme trips that there was a shooting or some incident on the same route they traveled.

“Somebody got shot at Foster & Choctaw or just on our route there, there have been so many shootings or something that occurred on the same route that we take. You just never think it’ll happen to you especially on a Monday at 11 o’clock,” said Linton.

The men responsible for Monday’s shooting have not been arrested. Anyone with information on their whereabouts is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP.

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