Father hoping to fulfill daughter’s last wish

A father, along with the rest of his family, is looking to make one of his daughter’s wishes come true, while she continues to suffer from a debilitating disease.

Ralph Williams III, said his 40-year-old daughter Julie was diagnosed with stage 3B kidney disease a year and a half ago.

Williams said Julie is a huge fan of the Minion movie franchise and she wanted to see the newest movie, which premiered July 1. He said he hoped someone could set up a private showing at their home for Julie.

“Julie loves the minions,” he said. “She wanted so much to see the new Minions movie titled ‘The Rise of Gru’.”

Williams said as time passed, the disease progressed to stage four. At that point, Julie had to use a wheelchair and a scooter.

Julie’s husband died in a car accident three months ago and her condition worsened on July 2.

“We rushed her to the hospital,” Williams said. “She was dehydrated and in kidney failure. The doctor at St. Elizabeth said if she didn’t come in, she would have died.”

Williams said Julie stayed in the ICU for four days before she was transferred to Carpenter’s house, a St. Joseph Hospice facility. Julie stayed there for a week before doctors felt she was stable enough to return to her parents’ home.

“We are alert,” Williams said. “But we are not sure how much time she has left.”

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