Father of 3-yr-old charged after toddler shoots himself

The father of the 3-yr-old who shot himself in the head admitted to detectives that his friend left his gun on his couch a few nights ago.


The father of a 3-yr-old boy who was rushed to a hospital for a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head has been arrested.

Deetroy Watkins, 26, is charged with negligent injuring and possession of firearm or carrying concealed weapon.

The shooting happened on March 13 at 8119 Skysail Ave. A neighbor helped drive the toddler and parents to a hospital. The baby was listed in critical condition and now in stable condition.

After detectives obtained a search warrant of the residence on Skysail Ave., they found a gun on the couch in the living room. The gun did not have a holster or any other safety measures.

Just before the shooting, Watkins told officials he was in a separate bedroom with his fiancée when he heard the loud noise and found the 3-yr-old with a gunshot wound to the head. 

Watkins was detained and questioned. He told officials that a friend of his came over several nights ago and left a firearm in the couch cushion near an armrest.

According to his arresting documents, Watkins said “that on the previous night, he was seated on the couch ad felt the firearm inside the cushion near the armrest.” However, Watkins “did not move or secure the firearm in a safe manner even knowing his two juvenile children are often present around the residence, specifically the living room.”

Watkins cannot possess a gun because he is a convicted felon. Officials said they found a guilty conviction from 2014 of domestic abuse battery with child endangerment among other charges. 

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