Firefighter & paramedic save dog from burning home

“We laid him down and I put him some oxygen on him and started listening to his lungs making sure they were clear.” ~ Paramedic


You could call a Franklin Firefighter and an Acadian Ambulance paramedic heroes after they were able to rescue and save a dog out of a burning fire.

Firefighters from the Franklin Fire Dept. in St. Mary Parish were called out to a “trailer burning down” at MLK & First St. on Monday night, Jan. 17th. Assisting the fire department on that call was paramedic Marlie Bijeaux from Acadian Ambulance.

Firefighter Jacob Rogers was one of the brave men who went inside the burning home to rescue the dogs trapped inside.


“Jacob came out with a dog. The chief signaled to get some oxygen so I just did what I would want someone to do for my dog,” said Bijeaux. “I’m not a vet but I just did what I know to do, give the dog some oxygen. I did what I would do for a person coming out of a fire.”

Bijeaux said the only thing that kept going through her head the entire time was if that were her own dog, what would she do? It’s why she said she went into paramedic mode and treated the dog like a human.

“He was breathing. He was shaking. I listened to his lungs to make sure they were clear. I put oxygen on him. I went through the motions like I would a person but I just couldn’t bring a dog to a hospital,” said Bijeaux. “I was super, super grateful because I couldn’t imagine what I would do if my dog were in a fire.”

She said it was obvious the dog was scared because he was shaking the entire time. But Bijeaux refuses to be called a hero.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do anything if it weren’t for Jacob to have brought me the dog. If Jacob wouldn’t have gone into that fire like he did and find the dog, my efforts would have been nothing if it weren’t for him. I can’t take the credit. I couldn’t have run into a fire and grabbed him,” said Bijeaux.

Rogers and another firefighter Gavin Sauce responded from the Franklin Fire Dept. Although beyond thankful to be able to save one dog, two other dogs did die in the trailer fire. No people were injured in the fire.

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