Firefighters battling three-alarm fire at apartments

BATON ROUGE, La: Baton Rouge Firefighters have been battling a massive apartment fire for over an hour. Thankfully, officials are not reporting any injuries at this time.

  • Firefighters on the scene
  • Firefighters on the scene
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  • The firefighters at the apartment

The blaze broke out around 5:50pm on Dec. 20th at the Tiger Plaza Apartments at 4445 Alvin Dark Ave. in buildings 20 & 21, involving 16 units.

Officials say the first alarm was at 5:50pm, followed by a second alarm at 6:20pm and a third alarm at 7:16pm.

Initial crews said they saw smoke half a mile out. As of now, firefighters believe the fire started in building 20. The fire was contained to building 20 & 21 and did not spread.

Firefighters say some evacuations were underway. As of now, there have been no reported injuries.

Officials don’t know what started the fire at this time.

Tenants are asked to keep out of the area as firefighters continue to battle the blaze and any hotspots. The fire has not been deemed “under control” just yet.

Multiple streets near the fire are shut down at this time. Please avoid the area.

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