Former La. Governor Edwin Edwards passes at age 93

Former governor Edwards last few words: "I love Louisiana and always will"

The 50th governor of Louisiana, Edwin Edwards, passed away just before 7am Monday, July 12.

Edwards died peacefully at his home with his family and friends at his side, according to a statement by Leo Honeycutt, Edwards good friend and author of the book on the former governor.

Edwards served four terms as the governor of Louisiana before he was found guilty of racketeering and served 10 years in federal prison.

His wife, Trina Edwards and Edwards had a child Eli who is soon to turn eight years old.

Trina said in the statement, “His last words were to Eli. Eli told him every night, ‘I love you.’ And he told Eli, ‘I love you, too.’ Those were his last words.”

“I have lived a good life, had better breaks than most, had some bad breaks, too, but that’s all part of it,” said Edwards according to Honeycutt. “I tried to help as many people as I could and I hope I did that, and I hope, if I did, that they will help others, too. I love Louisiana and I always will.”

Just last week, Edwards announced that he had entered into hospice care.

The cause of death was respiratory problems. Edwards was 93 years old.

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