Four accused of witness intimidation after testimony leaked online

Three people were arrested and one person is wanted after allegedly intimidating witnesses during the trial for a 2018 murder.

A jury found Tyler Jackson guilty in the 2018 murder of Thailan Cutno.

Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office officials say during Jackson’s trial, unauthorized videos of the testimony of several witnesses were taken and released on social media, putting the witnesses in potential danger.

IPSO immediately found the people responsible for posting the videos and arrested Lynette Falcon, 30, Stephen Falcon, Jr., 27, and Marlayana Smith Jackson, 45.

All three were charged with three counts of intimidating a witness and three counts of obstruction of justice.

Additionally, detectives have arrested Trenton Carter, 30, for one count of intimidating and witness and one count of obstruction of justice, after Carter made threats to one of the witnesses via social media.

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