Girlfriend accused of stabbing boyfriend for urinating on himself

After a night of drinking, 25-yr-old Briana Lacost said she got home to find her boyfriend in the bed having urinated on himself.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputies responded to a Baton Rouge hospital around 5:30am on Saturday, Jan. 15th for a man who had been stabbed.

The victim, Lacost’ live-in boyfriend for the last 1.5 years, was stabbed below his arm with the wound having punctured his lung.

The victim told deputies Lacost allegedly got really upset with him for “urinating in the bed.” He added that the two of them “had been out drinking extremely late and were intoxicated,” according to arresting documents.


He said he was asleep when Lacost woke him up and allegedly started stabbing him. The boyfriend told deputies he did try to stop her but that she continued to hit him. He said he started to leave the house when Lacost is accused of grabbing a knife from the kitchen and stabbing him.

Briana Lacost

Meanwhile, Lacost did tell deputies after she was detained that the two had been out drinking and she returned home around 3:30am. She added that “she went to the bedroom and found that the victim had urinated on himself, which made her upset,” according to records.

That’s when she told deputies “that she grabbed the victim and ripped him out of bed.” She said that’s when the two started fighting. Lacost told deputies her boyfriend allegedly started choking her and she fought back. She did verify his story that he was trying to leave when she’s accused of grabbing a knife and “charged at him.”

She did try to provide him medical attention and rushed him to the hospital.

Briana Lacost was arrested and charged with domestic abuse battery – serious bodily injury and attempted second-degree murder.

*mugshots are posted based on the new law and if/when they’re provided by the jail*

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