Good Samaritan’s car hit while trying to help submerged SUV

An accident left a car completely submerged in a Central pond Wednesday night.

The accident happened around 9:20 p.m. near the 13000 block of Lovett Road on Feb. 1st. Officials say the vehicle was recovered early Thursday morning to ensure the safety of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Dive Team.

Central Police Chief Roger Corcoran said the driver of the submerged vehicle lost control and drifted into the water. The driver had a medical condition and a good samaritan stopped to help.

When the samaritan stepped out of their vehicle to help, another driver hit the good samaritan’s vehicle and drove off, according to police.

Both the driver and passenger of the submerged vehicle exited the car on their own and swam to shore. They were checked by medical professionals and cleared to go home.


The central fire department along with EM-12 assisted in the rescue.

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