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Governor appoints St. George council members and aldermen-at-large

ST. GEORGE — After having already appointed an interim police chief and mayor for St. George, Governor Jeff Landry has just appointed three interim council members/aldermen as well as two aldermen at-large.

  • District 1, Steven Monachello
  • District 2, Ryan Heck
  • District 3, Max Himmel
  • Alderman at-large Richie Edmonds 
  • Alderman at-large Patty Cook

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“Each of these folks have been heavily involved with the incorporation effort and are dedicated to ensuring the success of the city of St. George. I am confident in their leadership and am looking forward to the work they will accomplish alongside Mayor Yates and Police Chief Morris,” said Governor Jeff Landry.

Alderman Steven Monachello

Steven retired in 2018 from a career in criminal justice with over 40 years of service. He served as a full-time deputy with EBRSO then continued his career with the LSP. After five years with LSP, Steven became a special agent with the DEA. He finished his career and retired from the DEA as a group supervisor. After his retirement, he began a second career with the US Department of Homeland Security as a special agent assigned to a FEMA Fraud Task Force. Today, he works as a federal background investigator where he does work with the US Department of State and the US Bureau of ATF. Steve received his BS in criminal justice and MPA from LSU. He and his wife, Mary have three daughters, six grandchildren, and one great grandchild. 

“I’m extremely honored to be selected for this appointment. I’m very excited to play a role in the formation of my new City of St. George, LA. I see the task, as we move forward, to be one of starting from ground zero on a previously untraveled road in the beginning in an effort to move our city forward. I look forward to working in an environment of likeminded individuals where a team effort will be required for all of us to succeed,” stated Monachello.

Alderman Ryan Heck

Ryan served as an EBR Metro Council member from 2012-2016. He is an entrepreneur and an investor in a number of startups in the agriculture, aquaculture, power generation, disaster recovery, and tech industries. Ryan received his BS in construction management and his MBA from LSU. He and his wife, Loredana, have been married for 17 years and have two children. 

“I’d like to thank Governor Landry for the appointment, and I look forward to getting to work,” said Heck.

Alderman Max Himmel

Max started Himmel Architectural Door and Hardware Company in 1973. This company is a top five architectural door supplier in the US. He sold the business in 2016 but remains an advisor to the company. Max and his wife, Micelle, have two sons and a daughter.

“One of my main goals in the very beginning, I feel we need a better infrastructure of our roads and
drainage before we can allow any more subdivisions mainly on Hoo Shoo Too Rd that is 8” to narrow,” said Himmel. “Tiger Bend is the same along with Elliott Road. I have been out here for 25 years and have not seen any changes in the width of the roads or the intersections and a complete overlay of the roads is needed after the road problems are taken care of when someone has a problem, we need to look at it and make sure we don’t cause a problem to their neighbors or the whole subdivision.
I am very Happy to work with anyone and we can ALL work Together.”

Alderman at-large Richie Edmonds

Richie is a dedicated businessowner and leader in the community. He spends much of his time working to grow his company, Vertical Construction. Richie is also a licensed contractor with the Louisiana State Board of Contractors and a licensed real estate agent. He and his family are active members of Healing Place Church. Richie and his wife, Holly, have three children. 

“I am extremely humbled and honored to be appointed by Governor Landry as interim Councilman for the City of St. George,” said Edmonds. “It will be my #1 goal to serve all of the wonderful residents of St. George and work tirelessly with Mayor Yates, Chief Morris, our new council, and transition team to make the City of St. George the next great American City! What a great day for Louisiana and East Baton Rouge Parish for the creation of our new city! St. George is open for business, let’s get to work!”

Alderman at-large Patty Cook

Patty is an active member of the community, where she spends time as a substitute teacher at the LSU Lab School. She was previously the office manager for the Louisiana Parent-Teacher Association. Patty received her BA in English from LSU. She and her husband, Trey, have been married for over 30 years and have two daughters. 

“I am honored and humbled to have been chosen to serve on the interim council for St. George. My
goal is to help achieve our vision of being a city in which we can be proud to live and raise our children and grandchildren. We need to keep our families here with less crime and a better sense of community,” said Cook.

The role of the interim St. George City Council will be to create and establish the foundation of St. George by creating the city’s processes such as ordinances, planning, zoning, and permitting as well as St. George’s master plan which will govern the future development in St. George.

Dustin Yates was recently named interim St. George Mayor while Todd Morris has been named the police chief.

“I am excited to work with these individuals, all accomplished in their professional lives, as we begin moving forward to create the City of St. George. These council members and I are excited to start this process and look forward to working with you, the citizens of St. George, on building this city with you and for you and your family,” stated Mayor Dustin Yates.

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