Hero 12-yr-old son protects mother during home invasion

Hero 12-yr-old son protects mother during home invasion


An investigation is underway in East Feliciana Parish after a morning intrusion ended with a 12-yr-old having to shoot and kill a man to protect his own mother.

Officials said it was around 7:21am on June 30th on Winchester Lane just east of Clinton, La. Detectives said the homeowner was standing outside her home on the phone when an intruder allegedly put a gun to her head and demanded her guns.

“I refused, he tried to hit me with the pistol. I punched him in the throat and we went to fighting,” said the woman, who Unfiltered with Kiran is choosing not to name.

That’s when she said her 12-yr-old son came out screaming at the man to get off his momma and shot the man with a hunting rifle, who died at the hospital. 

The woman said everyone keeps telling her son he is a hero, but that they are very sad that it had to come down to a man losing his life.

“I tell my son I am very proud of how calm and quick acting he was, that while loss of life is sad, he protected our family. I love him with everything in me, and this was not his fault,” said his mother.

The child will start trauma therapy next week. 

The man killed has been identified as Brad LeBlanc, 32, per the East Feliciana Parish coroner, DeWitt Bickham. LeBlanc is from Vidalia according to officials.

Meanwhile, two others were arrested in connection to this investigation, a man and a female.

Johnathon Barker was arrested and charged with second degree murder, principle to aggravated burglary and principle to aggravated kidnapping. Officials say right now, they believe Barker fled the scene as soon as he heard the gunshot.

Per Louisiana law, if someone is killed during the commission of another crime, a home invasion in this case, the participants can be charged with second degree murder. 

Jennifer Bond is charged with accessory after the fact accused of driving the deceased and Barker to the scene.

The East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s office says they do not plan to arrest the child.

Each parish’s district attorney gets to decide whether a shooting is justified or not. The case will be forwarded to District Attorney Sam D’Aquila for his review. 

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