Improved fire rating could mean savings on homeowners’ insurances

Livingston Parish Fire Protection District 4 (LPFPD4) improved its fire rating, which could help residents in the area.

District 4 improved its rating from Class 4 to Class 3, effective Oct. 1. The lower fire rating is a result of an independent audit by the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana, a factor used by underwriters to set property insurance rates.

All departments in Louisiana are rated on a 1-10 scale with “1” being the best and “10” being the worst.

The class rating audit required LPFPD4 to submit documentation for review, including water flow rates from hydrants, fire hydrant inspection reports and much more. It also included on-site inspections to check the condition of equipment, trucks, hoses, records and more.

“The lower rating is directly related to the proactive measures we’ve taken over the last four years to better protect the lives and property of Livingston Parish residents,” said Board Chairman Robert Dugas. “We’ve enhanced our manpower, upgraded fire equipment and improved our training programs and facilities. With the recent passing of the additional milage, we are ever so cognizant of being good stewards of public funding and this lower rating demonstrates our commitment to that.”

At the time of rating, LPFPD4 had nine full-time firefighters and one full-time training officer on their personnel roster.

“While improving the fire rating is important, the driving force behind all the recent improvements is continuing to protect lives and property,” said Chief James Wascom. “I would like to recognize our district’s dedicated paid and volunteer members, our Board of Commissioners, and the support team for their continued hard work and strong desire to serve their community. This rating could not have been accomplished without their help.”

Livingston Parish residents are urged to contact their insurance agents to determine if they are eligible for lower insurance premiums because of the lower fire rating.

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