Initiative underway to defend women’s right to choose in Louisiana

A local not-for-profit civil rights legal advocacy organization announced an initiative to help women defend their right to choose.

The Fair Fight Initiative (FFI) announced a plan to coordinate free legal assistance to defend a woman’s right to protect her body from situations of forced birth.

There will be a press conference later today officially announcing the initiative.

“We will not accept the lethal war on women our Supreme Court declared in Dobbs,” according to the press release. “Now is the time to fight.”

The release states that Louisiana’s trigger law makes no exception for rape or incest. The FFI will look to represent everyone charged with an abortion-related offense for free.

On Monday, Orleans Parish Civil District Judge Robin Giarusso granted a temporary restraining order, barring the state from enforcing its “trigger bans” on abortions.

Giarusso scheduled a hearing for July 8 to consider a permanent injunction.

Ron Haley and Ashley Greenhouse from the Haley Law Firm, Christopher Murrell from Murrell Law, and David Utter and William Claiborne from the Claiborne Law firm are working together in the FFI. 

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