Injured paramedic Hunter Fruge’s pelvis surgery went well

BATON ROUGE — Injured Acadian Ambulance paramedic Hunter Fruge is out of his pelvis surgery Saturday morning and doing well, per his family and Acadian officials.

It’s the second surgery this week after the deadly crash on Tuesday in Pointe Coupee Parish where two people were killed and Fruge, 24, miraculously survived his injuries.

“Given the circumstances and the violence of the wreck, Hunter is doing remarkably well,” said Acadian Ambulance’s Director of Operations Porter Taylor. “First and foremost, I would like to give my condolences to everyone involved in the wreck from our patient Mr. Bordelon to Kymber and her family as well as to Hunter, his family, the Coke driver and the other woman injured in the wreck.”

Fruge was in the back of the ambulance attending to Mr. Bordelon while his partner Kymber Nezat, 28, was driving when their ambulance crashed into a Coca-Cola 18-wheeler truck on Tuesday, June 27 in Pointe Coupee Parish. Nezat, an emergency medical responder, who was seven weeks pregnant, did not survive the crash. She and her baby died on the scene. Her funeral service is scheduled for July 5th. Acadian Ambulance is planning a celebration of life for Kymber next week. Details have not been released just yet.

Kymber Nezat
Kymber Nezat, 28 (Source: Acadian Ambulance)

The patient in the ambulance, Albert Bordelon, who was being transported from a hospital back to his home after surgery, also died in the crash. Bordelon was in his 80s.

Fruge and the Coke truck driver were air-lifted to Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge. A woman driving another vehicle was also injured in the wreck, and she is doing okay, per Taylor.

The Coke truck driver’s wife did reach out to Unfiltered with Kiran. They are asking for privacy at this time and not ready to release his name, pictures or any updates.

Fruge’s injuries included a head laceration, lacerated spleen, multiple rib fractures, fractured pelvis and a collapsed lung.

“His head laceration has since been stitched. Hunter is no longer on a ventilator. He had his ribs repaired yesterday,” said Taylor. “Several of his ribs separated and were floating in the back. You have to go in and secure them. It’s called sternal plating. Because of the rib fracture and damage to his lung, they had to insert a chest tube because his lung collapsed. He also has a pretty significant fracture to his hip.”

For now, Taylor said Fruge has to stay in bed until his hip gets better. That hip surgery did go well. Hospital officials will bring Fruge to a “step down unit” so they can monitor him with the goal of moving him to a regular room this afternoon.

“He’s worn out. He’s in a lot of pain today. He’s talking though since the tube is now out,” said Taylor. “Hunter said he appreciates the outpouring of love and support throughout the state. He did say he is very heart broken about losing his partner Kymber and the loss of his patient Mr. Bordelon.”

West Jefferson Hospital and EMS Staff

Taylor said Fruge has been with Acadian Ambulance just over four years and has quickly garnered a lot of love from his co-workers.

“All the crew members are trying to get in there and see him face-to-face. He’s very thankful to his team members who helped save his life, the OLOL staff and to all the responding agencies that played a very important part,” said Taylor.

Hunter Fruge with his father Todd Fruge

Fruge and his family are probably most thankful to his father Todd Fruge.

Fruge’s father died five years ago from cancer, but Taylor said the Fruge family believes Todd has been right next to his son the last two days helping ensure his son pulls through. That’s because Wednesday, June 28 was the five year anniversary of his dad dying from colon cancer in the same ICU just eight rooms down from where his son was undergoing surgery and fighting for his life five years later.

“It’s truly nothing short of a miracle that he’s with us today and the Fruge family knows Todd has made sure of that miracle,” said Taylor.

Fruge’s family and the entire Acadian Ambulance family asks the people to continue their prayers not only for Hunter but also for Kymber and Mr. Bordelon’s families as they cope with the losses of their loved ones.

The cause of the wreck remains under investigation at this time.

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Hunter Fruge with his family

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