Judge reduces $1 million bond for man charged with 100 counts of pornography involving children

*WARNING: Contents of this article may be disturbing*

BATON ROUGE — A 23-yr-old man from Baton Rouge was arrested on 100 counts of pornography involving juveniles under the age of 13. Unfiltered with Kiran has learned Corey McCormick Jr.’s bond went from $1 million and a hold initially on the charges down to $100,000 now ensuring his release.

McCormick was arrested on March 28, 2023 allegedly for having “numerous images and videos of child sexual abuse material.”

The Louisiana Bureau of Investigation Cyber Crime Unit was tipped off in late February 2023 that McCormick was allegedly selling child pornography videos, including videos of babies who were being sexually abused by adult males.

Investigators from the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office started looking into the tip and unfortunately found nearly 45 videos in a dropbox account that allegedly came back to McCormick.

Those videos included adult men having anal or oral sex with young children. Particularly in one video, investigators said a baby girl was seen crying while an adult male performed anal sex on her. In another video, an adult male performed oral sex on a toddler.

When investigators executed a search warrant for the email that linked back to McCormick, they said they found “several private chats on Twitter and Google Voice where sexual videos of young children/teens were being discussed and traded. There were also chats about purchasing sexual videos of young children/teens and making payments through PayPal and Cash App.”

In total, investigators found over 600 videos and pictures on a dropbox account that came back to McCormick, according to officials. Of those, investigators said 100 including child sexual abuse material along with several of the videos and pictures being duplicates.

McCormick was arrested on March 28 and charged with 100 counts of pornography involving juveniles, all felonies.

His bond was initially set at $10,000 per count, which came out to a $1 million bond. A hold was also placed on him by 19th JDC Judge Eboni Johnson Rose.

Court documents show Judge Rose decreased the bond from $10,000 per charge down to $1,000 per pornography involving juvenile charge on March 31. That brought his bond down to $100,000.

Between the help of McCormick’s mother and a bail bonds company, they were able to put up a commercial surety bond totaling $100,000 and secure McCormick’s release on March 31.

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  1. So the judge is named “Eboni”? I’m sure she’s very impartial and anyone would have received the same leniency. This judge was in the courtroom and knows what this guy did, more terrible details than have been described here. And she thought he deserved to have his bond reduced. This judge is absolutely evil. That’s further disrespect and violation of this sick bastards victims.

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