Juvenile sexual abuse victims describe inappropriate touching & naked photos


Unfiltered with Kiran is learning new details into the cases of Heather Norwood French and her once boyfriend, Douglas Decuir in Ascension Parish.

French was arrested in Feb. 2022. On Friday, April 8,2022, Ascension District Attorney Ricky Babin said his office formally charged, or billed, French with two counts each of failure to report the commission of certain felonies and accessory after the fact to first degree rape.

French is accused of “shopping” in the form of school children while working at Galvez Middle School for Decuir, a man who was indicted in Nov. 2021 for sex crimes against children.

Unfiltered with Kiran has learned new details into what led up to Decuir’s arrest.

On Sept. 15, 2021, Ascension Parish deputies responded to a home on Ascension St. for a possible sexual assault.

The complainant told the responding deputy that he found a “suspicious unrelated sexual note in his daughter’s room.” The complainant, whose name Unfiltered with Kiran is not publishing in order to keep the victims’ identities concealed, said he noticed Decuir had been coming around to his home more often and was gravitating towards his two daughters.

That’s when he told deputies that he questioned both his daughters, 10 & 13, separately about Decuir. “Both admitted that on numerous occasions, they were touched and had touched Douglas in a sexual manner.” The father also learned that there were allegedly “illicit photographs” of his daughters on a secret app on Decuir’s phone.

Both juvenile girls went to the Children’s Advocacy Center for forensic interviews.

Through those interviews, officials learned a 13-yr-old said she was 11 when Decuir “started coming around and was always wanting to take her and her sister everywhere.” She said she remembered the first time Decuir took them somewhere and he allegedly tried touching her sister. She said she didn’t realize what was happening at first but then a couple of days later, she noticed Decuir allegedly trying to touch her sister again. She said he allegedly put his hand under her sister’s shirt at their home. Again, she did not realize what was happening and thought Decuir was a good friend so she let it go.

But then, the teen told officials Decuir allegedly started doing it to her. She said while they were headed to get pizza and she was in the front seat of the vehicle, Decuir allegedly put his hand under her shirt as well, touching her private areas.

The teen said “things happened frequently, almost every time he came over.” She added he then allegedly started taking the sisters to homes that were under construction and Decuir would allegedly touch their private area below with their clothes still on.

She said she remembered Decuir allegedly making them touch him with their hands and that “it would get hard” and have them “put their mouth on it” all in the attic of a home under construction. She added they went there several times.

The teen said Decuir allegedly took naked pictures of her in that home and naked pictures of her sister in the shower or while using the bathroom and then showed the teen the pictures on his phone. She further stated “there was a bunch of pictures of naked girls in the secret file.”

She remembers going swimming in a neighborhood pool around midnight with her sister naked.

Meanwhile, the younger sister told officials that she was about 9-yrs-old when she remembered Decuir’s “hand all over her private spots on top of her clothes” and that it went on for “months and months.” She also said Decuir would allegedly show her and her sister “porn on his cell phone.”

The younger sister told officials things like Decuir allegedly making the girls play “nasty truth or dare” in which he would make them sit on him, bug them to a point of aggravation that they would be forced to touch him inappropriately and even tried anal sex with the little girl. They were allowed three “no’s” in the game and after that, they would have to complete the dare.

Officials said it’s unknown how many times the alleged incidents took place or where all they took place.

Based on all this, Decuir was arrested and charged with:

2 counts of first degree rape

2 counts of pornography involving juveniles

2 counts of indecent behavior with juveniles

He has an upcoming motions hearing scheduled for April 18, 2022. His bond is set at $1,655,000. 

French no longer works at Galvez Middle. Her bond is $950,000. The investigation into French continues and additional charges could be pending.

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