Liam Dunn welcomed home a month after staying in hospital

Just shy of a month since his wreck, Liam Dunn, 20, returned to his parents’ Brusly home with a crowd of family, friends, neighbors and complete strangers welcoming him with signs in hand.

Dunn was the third passenger in his sister’s car on New Year’s Eve day in West Baton Rouge Parish when they were hit by Addis Officer David Cauthron. Maggie Dunn & her best friend Caroline Gill lost their lives in that wreck.

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Liam Dunn was rushed to a hospital and stayed in a coma for several days. Twelve days after the crash, he was strong enough to have his first surgery.

Since then though, Dunn’s mother Erin Martin and stepdad Kenny Wayne said he worked so hard to walk and eventually get into physical therapy. He started by walking a few steps, a few feet and then he was walking the hospital hallway and anxious to get home.

On Saturday, Jan. 28th, to his surprise, Dunn was welcomed home to a crowd of his best friends, family, neighbors and even complete strangers in West Baton Rouge Parish as he rode shotgun in a topless Bronco waving to everyone.

A group of friends arrived at his parents home around 9:30am to start making jambalaya to welcome not only Dunn back home, but to take the weight off the family of a meal for everyone coming to the house.

But Dunn’s meal was a patty melt with no onions and a chocolate milkshake from Whataburger. You see, Dunn may seriously be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, Whataburger fan. He actually has a Whataburger blanket along with a shirt and hat. When UWK learned his craze for Whataburger, we made some calls and an anonymous donor bought Dunn $500 worth of gift cards to Whataburger.

The donor asked to remain anonymous saying they were not doing it for recognition or needing anything in return. The donor simply wanted to do it out of the goodness of their own heart. The donor also bought the patty melt!

“He’s such a sweet young man,” said the donor. UWK sent the donor a video of Dunn seeing all the giftcards when he made it home. “His smile lit up my heart.”

UWK also told the Whataburger manager near the Burbank Dr. location of Dunn’s return and they provided a Whataburger holiday hat, wet towel, koozies and cinnamon roll tray for Dunn!

Everything was laid out on the living room table for when Dunn walked into the home for the first time.

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