Loaded gun found in median on Bluebonnet

The East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating a loaded gun that was found by a woman in Baton Rouge.

Janice Burdette with the volunteer organization Keep Tiger Town Beautiful found the gun on Wednesday, Nov. 23rd in the median on Bluebonnet Blvd.

“Janice found the gun lying on the side of the interstate,” said Jennifer Richardson with Keep Tiger Town Beautiful. “She picked it up, took a picture of it and was about to put it in her vehicle to bring it to the police station. The cops were nearby, so they took care of it.”

“It was not listed as stolen, but we collected it as found property and they will run ballistics on it to make sure it isn’t associated with any known crimes,” said EBRSO.

The Keep Tiger Town Beautiful Facebook group is composed of 3,300 members, most of who devote time to cleaning up different areas of the city.

In their line of volunteer work, Richardson said the group typically encounters more than Wednesday’s discovery.

“This is the second time we’ve found a loaded gun while cleaning up,” she said. “We find homemade weapons all the time. We’ve found bullets, casings, all of that. The sins of the city are on the side of the road.”

Richardson added that giving money to organizations that can help panhandlers would go a long way.

“There’s so much crime around here,” she said. “I tell people please don’t give money to people who are panhandling. Give money to the organizations that can help these people. They leave a mess all over by the interstate.”

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