Local business owner offers to replace stolen go cart

It’s a perfect story of kindness on Good Friday!

A 6-yr-old boy was on a walk with his mother Kirstie Holden in Walker on Thursday evening when his go cart was ‘stolen.’

Holden said they live on Friendship Rd. in Walker and were on an evening walk on April 14, 2022 around 6:45pm when a neighbor flagged them during their walk. She said her son Jameson Holden left his go cart on the side of the neighbor’s driveway in the grass, about 10 ft. from the road.

“We were in the backyard talking while the kids were playing, but then 10-15 minutes when we went back to continue our walk home, we noticed the go cart was gone. He looked around and didn’t see it. He just burst into tears. He was devastated,” said Holden.

That’s when Holden took to social media asking her neighbors to keep an eye out for the stolen go cart.

“After we got home, I found a picture of the same go cart my mom bought for Jameson. I made a post to Facebook to my friends and it got shared. Multiple people contacted me from the Husser Lawn Care LLC to people trying to send me money via cashapp to replace the go cart. It was super, super sweet,” said Holden.

One of the people to comment under Holden’s original post was Dell Husser, owner of the Husser Lawn Care LLC out of Livingston, La. He offered to buy Jameson a brand new go cart.

“I grew up in Denham most my life. I had a go cart growing up. I used to love getting home and get on my go kart. I know how much a go cart can mean to a child. I’m a local business owner and I just want to give back to my community when I’m able to,” said Husser.

“Honestly, I was taken aback. I was a little shocked. I was stunned for a minute. That’s just a sweet, kind thing to do, genuinely kind thing to do,” said Holden in response to Husser’s offer.

The entire time, Holden said she was secretly praying that whoever took the go cart would return it, but did not have much hope. To her surprise, Friday afternoon, while leaving a play date, she got a message.

“I received a message on FB saying her husband may have taken the go cart thinking it was on the curb. They thought we were giving it away and she was so, so sorry. She must have apologized 10 times. As soon as we got home, they brought it home and even brought him an Easter basket,” said Holden. “It was definitely a breath of fresh air. I feel like we don’t see this kind of kindness daily. I realize it was probably a genuine mistake. I was hoping someone would have brought it back and the fact that they did, it blew my mind. It’s not something you see every day. He was so ecstatic to have it back.”

“I’m glad that people decided to be honest. I’m glad to know they didn’t steal it and assumed it was just free. I’m glad to know they decided to be honest. It’s good to know there are still honest people in this world. That makes me happy,” said Husser.

Holden said despite Husser offering them a go cart, she probably would not have accepted it because she wants him to spend that money on someone else who cannot afford something else down the road.

“I think that is super kind. I feel like maybe reserve that kindness for someone who can’t afford it. I just appreciate the act,” said Holden.

“I was going to purchase it and have it delivered to my house and try to meet the parents. If they wouldn’t have taken it, I would have found another child to have given it to. I was going to wait till this evening and first thing tomorrow morning, I was planning to order it online,” said Husser.

In the end, 6-yr-old Jameson now has his go cart back that his grandmother bought for him & Husser said he will still give back to his community anytime he can.

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