Local humanitarian now in need of help himself

After a forced amputation, Ryan Lloyd now has to modify his home to make it handicap accessible and needs your help.

Ryan Lloyd is a human resources professional in Baton Rouge. For a long time, he’s given back to the community be it via service hours or financially supporting others but now, he’s the one in need after a forced amputation of his one of his legs.

Several years ago, Ryan was diagnosed with peripheral artery disease (PAD). That is the narrowing or blockage of the vessels that carry blood from the heart to the legs. Because PAD impacted his circulation, it caused extreme pain and severely limited his ability to walk and do other types of physical activity.

In 2016, he had a heart attack requiring a bypass surgery to reroute the blood supply around a blocked artery in both of his legs. Over the last several years, he’s had continued issues with his left leg resulting in over six procedures and three invasive surgeries.

In December of 2020, he needed a revision of the bypass done four years earlier. Overall, he’s spent over five weeks in the hospital, including one in ICU. The bypass surgeries and other procedures have not been enough to combat this extreme case of peripheral artery disease, so his leg had to be amputated above the knee on Tuesday, December 7th, 2021.

Lloyd is an extremely independent person, but now he will need physical therapy to learn how to live with his physical changes. He will need his home modified to make it handicap accessible. The modification of the bathroom alone will cost over $18,000.


Add that to the new healthcare deductibles and out of pocket maximums that will start over in 2022.

Lloyd’s employer has made a significant contribution to the home modifications via their employee assistance fund, but there is still a need for help.

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