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Louisiana House approves permitless concealed carry bill; Gov. Landry expected to sign into law

BATON ROUGE, La. – Louisiana lawmakers gave final approval on Wednesday to a bill that would allow law-abiding residents to carry a firearm without a permit or training.

The legislation, approved by the Louisiana House and Senate, now heads to Gov. Jeff Landry’s desk for his signature. If signed, the law would go into effect on July 4. 

Landry has said he will sign the legislation. If the permitless concealed carry bill becomes law, Louisiana would join 27 other states that allows citizens to carry a concealed gun without a permit.

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Senate bill 1 passed the Senate floor with a 28-10 vote on February 22.

One amendment added to the bill was that gun holders will provide ID to a police officer when carrying a concealed handgun and will be required to complete an online handgun education course under certain circumstances.

The bill’s author, Sen. Blake Miguez, amended the bill so that it will go into effect on July 4 instead of April 19 if it becomes law.

This is not the first time permitless concealed carry has been considered. It was a hot topic in the 2023 regular session before the bill was withdrawn.

“This legislation is about making Louisiana a safer place to live,” Miguez said while it was discussed on the Senate floor. “Since criminals already carry concealed firearms without regard for the law, constitutional carry simply puts law-abiding citizens on equal footing. Let’s empower our law-abiding citizens with the means to protect themselves.”

There were amendments proposed on the Senate floor that included raising the age of constitutional carry to 21 and excluding New Orleans from enforcing the law if passed until 2026. Both proposals failed to be adopted.

Those opposed to the bill say permits help ensure safety standards.

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“This is by far one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation that’s about to pass out of this building,” said Sen. Royce Duplessis. “There is not an ounce of data or evidence or common sense that suggests that this bill will make our community safer.

“In Sen. Miguez’s words, it’s our God-given right,” Duplessis continued. “My God does not say that everybody gets to carry a gun. Your right to carry a gun should not infringe on my right or my family’s right to live safely in the community, and that’s what this bill is going to do, make us less safe.”

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