LSU student Madison Brooks raped before she was hit by a car and killed; 4 arrested

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office says four individuals have been charged in connection with the death of LSU sophomore Madison Brooks.

Kaivon Washington, 18, was charged with third-degree rape. Casen Carver, 18, and Everett Lee, 27, have been booked and charged with principle to third degree rape.

Deputies also say a 17-year-old was also booked into juvenile detention. He was also charged with third degree rape.


Source: East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office

According to the arrest warrant, Brooks had THC in her system, and a blood alcohol concentration of .319, which is considered alcohol poisoning.

Deputies say that Brooks was seen at Reggie’s bar in Tigerland hours before she was killed. Deputies say Brooks and the 17 year old were seen hugging and dancing inside the bar. Three hours later, Brooks can be seen falling near the entrance of the bar, the affidavit states.

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Carver says that he noticed Brooks was drunk, and that she was unable to find her friends. He told deputies that he did not want to leave her alone, and he offered her a ride home.

Inside the vehicle with Carver were the 17 year old suspect, Washington and Washington’s uncle. Carver told deputies that Brooks sat in the back of the vehicle with the 17 year old and Washington.

Carver said that he “drove a short distance to a nearby street …and parked,” the affidavit says. The report goes on to say that Brooks and the 17 year old had sex in the back seat of the car. Washington and another passenger got out of the car at this time.

Carver told deputies, according to the affidavit, that after the sex, the 17 year old exited the vehicle and Washington re-entered the vehicle. That’s when Carver says that Washington then had sex with Brooks. Carver said Brooks consented to sex with both men, but admitted that she was too impaired to give proper consent, the affidavit states.

Brooks was eventually dropped off in a subdivision, the affidavit states.

Brooks died after being hit by a vehicle on Burbank Drive at Pelican Lakes Parkway on January 15th. The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office said Brooks was hit around 3 a.m. The driver who hit Brooks remained on scene and was not found at fault and was not impaired.

Brooks was taken to the hospital where she was placed on vent, but the family did end up pulling her off life support. Brooks donated her organs.

Madison Brooks (Photo provided by family)

Brooks was a sophomore at Louisiana State University. The university said she had just been accepted into the Manship School of Mass Communication.

“Our thoughts are with the loved ones of Madison Brooks,” the university said in a statement. “We extend our deepest condolences to her family and friends during this heartbreaking time.”

Brooks was a member of the Alpha Phi International Women’s Fraternity at LSU. The organization said that she was able to donate her heart and kidneys to help others.

Madison was a sophomore and made a lasting impact on all of us. She was also a hero and was able to donate her heart and kidneys to save others.

Alpha Phi Fraternity statement

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2 Comments on LSU student Madison Brooks raped before she was hit by a car and killed; 4 arrested

  1. I mean, was she rapped though? I think it’s very important to be crystal clear and I’m a little disappointed in this headline. The truth is, we don’t know unfortunately. She may have gotten down like that AND THATS OK. No judgements but 4 guys lives are on the line so let’s not be reckless with our wording and assumptions

    • She was very drunk…at that point (weak) these guys took advantage, even if she said yes! 🙄 they shld have not done it!!! It’s rape under the law – so yes, she was raped!!!

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