Maggie Dunn honored in what would have been her high school graduation

BRUSLY – Another milestone has come and gone for Erin Martin, the mother of Maggie Dunn. This time was what would have been graduation day for her daughter. 

“For me, it was kind of tough because it’s almost like the last thing that I can keep track of in a way,” she said. “I don’t know when she would have gotten married or when she would have had a baby. But I know when she would have been on homecoming court and I know when she graduated.”

Maggie and her friend Caroline Gill were both killed December 31, 2022. They, along with Liam Dunn, Maggie’s older brother, were turning onto La 1 with a green light when the deadly collision tok place. Former Addis Officer David Cauthron was going nearly 90 mph on La1 in West Baton Rouge Parish, with lights and sirens activated but never yielded at the red light where he crashed into the car with Maggie & Caroline in the front and Liam Dunn in the back seat.

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Caroline Gill and Maggie Dunn

“When she died, she was sixth in her class, and she already had college credits halfway through her junior year. So I know, she would have been in the top 10 in her class. I know she would have had scholarships and honors, all the things so it would have been a very proud night for us,” Martin added.

Martin said the school reserved a seat in honor of her daughter and one of the valedictorians, one of her daughter’s best friends, delivered a beautiful speech.

“He referenced her quite a bit and it was very, very touching. There were quite a few tears. And actually, both valedictorians made reference to her quite a few times so it was beautiful. I wasn’t expecting that as a matter of fact so it was kind of tough.” Martin said.

In honor of Maggie, Martin said her husband had a very special pair of custom shoes made by a local shoe designer in Addis, Bernard Jackson. She wore those shoes to the graduation.

“He wanted to surprise me and he brought them the morning of graduation and they were perfect,” she said. “He took her homecoming dress from her junior year, which was like an absolute standout, he matched the color perfectly. Then it just has all kinds of other little words or phrases and hearts and little blonde curls on the back and pearls so they’re perfect.” 

Erin Martin with her ‘bonus daughters’ & Maggie Dunn’s best friends Abby & Brooklyn

Plus, Maggie and her best friends Abby and Brooklyn, called themselves the 310 BAM. That meant that each of the girls were a “10” and since there were three of them, they were the 310 B(Brooklyn), A(Abby), M(Maggie). When Caroline Gill joined the group, they became the 410 CBAM.

Martin was able to spend Brusly High’s class of 2024 graduation with Maggie’s two best friends and her bonus daughters Abby & Brooklyn.

The night before graduation, Maggie’s mom received a very special momentum to celebrate this rite-of-passage. It was a picture of Maggie playing around with Liam’s cap and gown before her untimely death.

“It gave me the chance to see something that I never thought I would see; to see her in a cap and gown. And it was just almost like one of those little you know, God winks. Like, maybe Maggie wanted me to get to see it.” she added. 

Another treasure for Martin is a jacket created by a local artist and fashion designer, made especially in honor of Maggie Dunn. Martin did not wear it to the graduation, but said it’s a keepsake that’s now in Maggie’s room.

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