Make a wish! Baby boy born at 11:11 on Nov. 11 in room 11

“At first, I thought did they do that on purpose but when I saw the look on their face, I was like there is no way. That was the coolest thing ever.”

Parents Emily and Donnie Calamia welcomed their baby boy into the world at exactly 11:11 in the morning on Nov. 11 after staying in hospital room 11 at Thibodeaux Regional.

Baby Carter Joseph Calamia was meant to be born in the afternoon, but after a cancellation at the hospital, the c-section was pushed forward. His parents were excited for his Nov. 11th birthday, but could not have imagined his time of arrival.

Proud father, Donnie Calamia, said “They were doing the c-section and when the baby came out and started crying the doctor showed him to us over the blanket and they were like ‘time of birth 11:11’ and you could just kind of see it on everyone’s face and then they realized what day it was. What they didn’t know was that when we checked in, they put us in room eleven. So it was just the craziest thing.”

Baby Calamia was born 7lbs and 13oz, 20 inches long and perfectly healthy.

His father says they are blessed to have him and regardless of the planned c-section he was ready to be born on Nov. 11th.

“She started having contractions pretty bad that morning, and by the time we got to the hospital, they were four minutes apart. So she would have had the baby that day anyway,” Calamia said.

Carter Jospeh Calamia has a happy sibling named Tucker who is ready to take on the roll of “big brother.”

“We have a three-yr-old named Tucker and he has been the best big brother, he loves him so much,” he said.

Emily found out about her pregnancy while she was on her little sister’s bachelorette trip back in March.

She hid her pregnancy by drinking Sprite with a lime, and a few months later, her sister paid her back for her trickery.

Donnie said, “We went to Orange Beach for Labor Day and she tricked us. She had her husband buy her a six pack and everything so none of us had a clue she was pouring it out.”

Now baby Calamia will have a new cousin to join him in a few months.

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