Man accused of arson after setting truck on fire at Fiery Crab

Baton Rouge fire investigators arrested a man accused of arson in connection to a vehicle fire that occurred in September in the Fiery Crab parking lot.

Investigators, with the help of the Louisiana State Police Task Force, arrested Jordan Alec Koota, 25, and charged him with simple arson and simple criminal damage to property.

BR fire investigators were called to the Fiery Crab at around 9:54 on Sept. 12 about a vehicle fire. Upon arrival, investigators talked to the Fiery Crab’s general manager. He stated that when leaving the business around 9:30 p.m., he noticed a small fire under his pickup truck.


He immediately moved his truck and then saw a broken glass bottle that appeared to be partially burnt. A wet rag was also coming from the neck of the bottle. The manager stated that he had previously fired an employee (Koota) earlier that day.

He also stated he told Koota to leave the premises. Investigators found a broken Amsterdam vodka bottle with a rag used as a wick for a Molotov cocktail. There was broken glass on the passenger side of the truck and all around where it was parked. The fire was determined to be intentionally set without the permission of the owner.

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