Man convicted of incest sentenced to 99 years

District Attorney Scott Perriloux announced a Ponchatoula man was sentenced to 99 years in prison for an aggravated crime against nature-incestuous sexual acts.

Judge Charlotte H. Foster sentenced Malcolm Chester to 99 years. Chester was arrested in Oct. 2019 and found guilty by a jury in October 2022.

The investigation into Chester started when the victim told a local school guidance counselor that they were being raped. Officials say detectives learned the minor had been a victim of sexual and physical abuse for the previous year.

Two years later, Chester was found guilty by a jury. Perilloux credited good law enforcement efforts in making the case along with DNA evidence that corroborated the victim’s version of the crimes.

“The lengthy sentence in this case was without question a just result,” Perriloux said in a news release. “Those who victimize children should pay with a steep penalty.”

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