Man saves family from drowning after car crash

On Dec. 7th, a man saved a family from drowning after their vehicle crashed into the canal and was sinking in the water and mud.

Jeff Lapeyrouse pulled over after he saw the crash and rushed to save the family, which included two small children. He entered the water, pried a door open and pulled all four family members from the car.

Picture of the car where the man saved the family from drowning

Thanks to his brave efforts, what could have been a tragically fatal incident ended with only a few minor injuries.

The family was in a 2007 Toyota Corolla that was traveling east on LA Hwy 182 near LA Hwy 662 in Assumption Parish when the Toyota drove off the road and crashed into the canal.

The water quickly began to take over the car, submerging it in the marshy water.

As the they attempted to escape the car, the thick mud sealed the doors and trapped them in the sinking car.

By the time Louisiana State Police Troopers arrived on the scene at 8 a.m., the family was already saved from drowning by Lapeyrouse.

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