Man shot less than 24 hours after he was released from prison

The man shot Friday morning in Baton Rouge at the Oakleigh Apartments had just been arrested and released from prison earlier in the week for allegedly choking his girlfriend. He bonded out on a few hundred dollars according to records.

Sources confirm Jamal Abdul-Aziz, 20, is who was shot at 11580 Perkins Rd. around 8:30am on Dec. 9th.

The 20-yr-old was arrested on Dec. 4, 2022 into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on charges of:

  • theft
  • felony domestic abuse battery by strangulation
  • domestic abuse battery
  • interfering with emergency communications

The incident was on Dec. 1st allegedly against his girlfriend at the apartment their share. The victim told deputies the two had a verbal argument during which Abdul-Aziz allegedly “grabbed her by the neck with two hands, pushed her onto the bed, and began squeezing.” The girlfriend fought back and the two pushed each other according to court records. He then allegedly “forced her up against a wall and continued to choke her.”

The girlfriend said she called 911 while running into the kitchen but that he followed her. She said while she was waiting on someone to answer the 911 call, he allegedly “snatched the phone out of her hand…hung up on 911 and then placed the phone in the pocket of his hoodie.” He’s then accused of grabbing “her by the neck and pushed her up against the stove…squeezing when he had his hands around her neck.” When the girlfriend got a knife, court records say Abdul-Aziz “threw her to the ground.”

She went on to tell deputies he allegedly threw a trashcan at her but missed. EBRSO returned the 911 call numerous times, all but one call showed up as “missed calls.”

Two days later on Dec. 6th, he went before Judge William Jorden. Court records show the victim in the domestic battery did not want to pursue a protective order. His bond was set at $500 per charge so a total of $2,000. That means roughly $240 had to be put up for him to bond out.

Bond amounts vary based on jurisdiction, judge and the defendant’s criminal history but sources familiar with bonds say a felony domestic abuse battery by strangulation usually goes between $2,500-$10,000. In this case, it was set at $500. Plus, thanks to Gwen’s Law, even if the victim opts against charges or a protective order, officials have the right to pursue charges and an order for the victim’s protection.

Abdul-Aziz bonded out Thursday night, Dec. 8th after 10pm and Friday morning around 8:30, he was shot multiple times.

Because there was no protective order, Abdul-Aziz returned to his apartment on Perkins Rd. Sources say Abdul-Aziz had been in an argument with some people he allegedly owed money to and when he went to his car Friday morning, the shooter(s) were waiting for him. That’s when he was shot multiple times.

Abdul-Aziz was transported to a hospital in critical condition.

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