Memorial now marks where Janice David’s body was found

"I wanted to do this for her, her family and just to do something positive for Baton Rouge with everything going on in our city."

A group of ladies came together to honor Janice David, 34, who was killed Monday during a live social media video.

Her body was found naked with her hands tied together in the 3600 block of S. Sherwood Forest Blvd. David had been stabbed dozens of times, allegedly at the hands of Earl Lee Johnson Jr., who admitted to officers what he did and then told officials where to find the vehicle with her body.

Police said after David was killed, Johnson allegedly tried to set the vehicle she was in, on fire.

Today, a group of ladies who do not know David, laid flowers, crosses and pictures of David at Sherwood Towers, the same location where her body was found.

The ladies said no one should have to die the way David did. She was heard on the live video begging for Johnson to stop stabbing her. It’s why this group chose to honor David with a memorial that anyone can now go visit.

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