Mom says her 4-yr-old son was left on daycare’s van for two hours

"It's unacceptable. They have to do better than this. It's not okay" ~Mother of boy left on van.

Jenna Aucoin said her 4-yr-old son Rowan Aucoin was left on a Baton Rouge daycare’s van for nearly two hours on Friday, Aug. 13th.

Aucoin said Friday was her son’s first day for pre-K at Parkview Elementary and this particular daycare drops off children to the school and then picks them up when school ends for the day.

Unfiltered with Kiran is choosing not to name the daycare at this time since it is closed for the day and no one was able to answer for comment.

Aucoin said her son started at the daycare on Monday. Friday morning, she said her husband dropped off their son around 6:45am to the daycare. She said school ends at 3:15pm so at 5:15pm when her husband went to pick up their son, Aucoin said he found him on the daycare van, allegedly left there since he was picked up from school.

Plus, she said the daycare told her Rowan had already been picked up by Jenna’s sister around 5:30pm.

Aucoin said they called 911 immediately. She added that paramedics said Rowan’s heart rate was elevated and he was dehydrated.

Rowan was taken to Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge where his mother said he was given an IV and seems to be doing okay. 

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