Mother upset after 14-yr-old suspended three days for inappropriately touching her daughter

JAN. 15, 2022 UPDATE

Since the incident, the mother has now pulled her daughter out of Plaquemine High and moved her into a different school still within the Iberville Parish school district.

“I do hope this opened their eyes and they no longer let this type of behavior slide. I have to do what’s best for my daughter’s safety,” said the mother.


“I am the parent of a 8th grader at Plaquemine High School in Plaquemine, Louisiana. Yesterday (1-11-2022), she texted me that she had something to tell me and told me that a boy had been touching her private parts at school since last Wednesday (1-5-2022) and the last time he had done it was Monday (1-10-2022).

She had hit him and told him to stop every time and he wouldn’t, then he started with touching her breasts and then below her waist. She feared he would force himself on her even more if she didn’t tell someone.

The incidents did not start until he asked her to be his girlfriend and she said, ‘No’ because she was focused on her schooling and her goals in life.

The school called the cops, the cops contacted me. I had to go to the school and get her and bring her to the courthouse to give a statement. During that time, the deputy asked her where the teacher was and she told him that he was in the class, at his desk, playing on his phone with his ear buds in.

The cops also got the statement from the 14-yr-old boy that violated my daughter. He admitted it and was charged with 1 count of sexual battery. My daughter asked to go back to the school and finish her work since he was not there because she has been working really hard and doesn’t want her grades to drop. When she got to school, the assistant principal told her that the boy had a 3-day suspension and they would do their best to keep him away from her.

That’s not good enough. I can’t have this kid in the same school as my daughter because he didn’t touch my child one time, but touched her four times. The punishment does not fit the crime. He’s 14 years old. He knew what he was doing especially if he continued after she told him to stop after the first time. Not only did he touch her, he was describing how her body felt. So he is well aware of what he is doing.”

Unfiltered with Kiran did reach out to the Iberville Parish Schools Superintendent Arthur Joffrion on Plaquemine High’s 3-day suspension for the young man. Joffrion said, “I was made aware of a Facebook post from last night. Staff is reviewing allegations and administratively assigned consequences to determine if appropriate.”

The mother added the school did offer remote academy or move to any other school in the district. “It’s not fair that my child has to leave all her friends to go to another school. School is supposed to be a safe place. It’s my job as a mother to protect my child and I feel she’s going to be punished when she didn’t do anything wrong. She fears he will seek vengeance for her telling and fears he will harm her whether it be hitting her or even worse raping her. This is why most girls don’t speak up.

By them only suspending this boy, it’s showing the other boys that it’s okay to do it and it’s showing the girls that it’s not worth speaking up.

It is my job to protect my child and that cannot be done with him at the same school.
This school has a bad history of sexual harassment, sexual violence and other sexual acts being done both willingly and not. We have been told that my child is not the only child this boy has touched.
My child deserves an education in a safe place, every child does.”

Unfiltered with Kiran did reach out the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office and confirmed that deputies did issue a misdemeanor summons to a 14-yr-old boy for one count of sexual battery. 


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