Murder-suicide victim had filed two protective orders against her shooter

Carl Altazin and Patricia Blue had a checkered relationship leading up to their deaths in an apparent murder-suicide on Nov. 21.

According to arrest documents, Altazin had been arrested and charged with domestic abuse battery stemming from an incident on Feb. 4, 2017, at the home they lived at together on Acadian Avenue.

According to the documents, deputies were dispatched to the home about a suicidal subject. Deputies arrived and spoke with the couple and they learned Altazin made suicidal statements to his son following an argument between them.

Altazin’s son told law enforcement that his dad said he would kill himself and his girlfriend, Blue. The deputy said Altazin made the statement to his son out of anger because of an argument he and Blue had just had.

Blue told law enforcement she was away and when she returned that evening, Altazin was intoxicated. She said Altazin was upset with the amount of time she was away and he was upset at what time she returned.

Blue told law enforcement that Altrazin pushed her against a wall causing her to fall to the ground. Altazin agreed and justified his actions by explaining she woke him up unexpectedly.

Two days after Altazin’s arrest, Blue filed a protective order. A judge dismissed Altazin’s domestic abuse case in July 2017.

On March 15, 2019, Blue filed another protective order against Altazin that was effective through June 15, 2019. Altazin was facing two counts of domestic abuse battery involving a household member that a judge dismissed in February 2020.

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  1. I do appreciate the work that you do. However I have to disagree with a statement in this article. You stated that a “judge dismissed” a domestic abuse case. Judges do not and can not dismiss a case. The district attorney’s office makes the decision to dismiss or prosecute a case

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