New Details: Asst. district attorney did not contact law enforcement after boating accident

Arrest Warrant: "Richard made no attempt to contact any law enforcement agency about the collision, in order to convey his identity."

We are now learning a bit more into exactly what happened on Aug. 8th on False River when Lafayette Parish Assistant District Attorney Chris Richard was driving a boat on False River in in Pointe Coupee Parish.

Richard had five passengers with him according to his arrest warrant.

Around 4:15pm, Richard’s boat hit a tube that was being pulled by another boat according to documents. One of the young boys on that tube suffered significant injuries including five fractures to his pelvis, a tear on his bladder, and another injury.

According to Richard’s warrant, when that child started screaming and crying in pain, “Richard then stopped his vessel and jumped in the water to briefly check on the injured.”

The young boy couldn’t get back into the boat on his own and had others help him.

The warrant went on to read, “Richard then made it back to his vessel and left. Richard made no attempt to identify himself to any of the occupants of the vessel he struck. Furthermore, Richard made no attempt to contact any law enforcement agency about the collision, in order to convey his identity. Richard then left Pointe Coupee Parish and traveled to Lafayette Parish where his home is located, where agents found him approximately 2 hours after the initial vessel collision.”

Sources, however, have told Unfiltered with Kiran that Richard did not jump in the water to help anyone. Instead, he had a nearby jet ski driver rush him back to his boat that he quickly pulled it back to shore.

Unfiltered with Kiran has made multiple calls to Richard’s attorney to no avail.

Don Landry, the district attorney for the 15th JDC where Richard works, said he had “no comment as this matter is under investigation.”

When asked if Richard was still employed with the DA’s office, Landry said, “I’m not going to comment with a pending investigation.”

Richard turned himself into the Pointe Coupee Parish Prison on Monday, Aug. 16th and was released nearly two hours later on a $40,000 bond.

He’s charged with hit and run, negligent injury and careless operation.

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