New details into overnight shooting death of LSU student

Unfiltered with Kiran is learning new details into the shooting death of 21 year-old Allison Rice, a senior at LSU.

Multiple sources say Rice was shot about 10 times in the early morning hours of Sept. 16th around 2:20am and died on the scene.

Officers found the scene when they responded to a call for “shots fired” from a nearby shot spotter that picked up 10 rounds fired. Evidence on the scene included multiple shell casings. Plus, her vehicle had several bullet holes.

An autopsy reveals Rice’s cause of death was a homicide from multiple gunshot wounds. Rice took several bullets to her arm and chest area.

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Sources say they have now confirmed Rice was in fact waiting for a train to finish crossing on Government St. when she was shot. She had just left an establishment in mid-city, which is why she was on Government St.

In fact, officials found fast food in her lap and evidence that she was eating fries as she was shot.

Multiple sources say they have not found any evidence of a robbery or an attempted robbery. For now, it does not appear that this was a mistaken identity case. Several sources have said investigators are truly at a loss to determine the motive behind this particular shooting.

Rice was a marketing senior at LSU. She worked at the Shed BBQ on Burbank along with her two brothers.

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4 Comments on New details into overnight shooting death of LSU student

  1. Man this is too low down I don’t care how u put it I pray they her family finds out what truly happened to get some kind of Peace 🕊️

  2. This story is so sad and avoidable. People have lot total redox for life. Prayers for this young lady, her parents, friends snd our community.

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