“Nick Tullier is fighting his butt off”


MAY 1, 2022 UPDATE:

Due to the ongoing infection and on & off fever, Nick is now septic. The situation is considered very critical and the family is begging for your prayers at this time. We will update once we have one. His parents are about to meet with doctors now.


As we approach nearly 2100 days since the dreadful day in Baton Rouge, Deputy Nick Tullier continues his fight.

This summer will make six years since East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Deputy Tullier was shot three times in the line of duty while responding to a call on a Sunday morning in Baton Rouge.

Since Nov. 2021, Deputy Tullier has been at an area hospital in Baton Rouge having spent all his holidays away from his home. However, his mother Mary Tullier has also spent every single holiday since Nov. 2021 right by her son’s side providing the 24/7 care for Tullier.


According to his parents, Tullier remains in the hospital. He just finished a round of antibiotics on April 6, 2022. On Monday, April 11th, doctors will do more blood work to get an update on whether the antibiotics cleared the infection or not.

“A CT scan done a while ago showed Nick had an infection in the lining of the liver, not in the actual liver. When he was on the antibiotics (4-5 different ones) for 10 days, it started leaving pockets in the liver. It did not cure the infection. So they did another 10 days of antibiotics that just finished yesterday and they will not do a CT with contrast because that could do more harm to the liver,” said Tullier’s mother Mary Tullier.

The issue of Tullier’s food and fluids leaking out through the hole in his intestine is still ongoing since Nov. 2021.   


“We’re just in a holding pattern. Nick is not going to give up. He keeps fighting which means I’ll keep fighting and the doctors know that,” said Mary Tullier. “If you’re a mother and devoted to your children, you will do what it takes no matter how old they are,” said Mary Tullier.

“Today, he’s having high heart rate problems that seemed to have started yesterday. The fistula is still leaking and out through the surgical wound. Also, it seems he’s got an allergy problem with little tiny bumps now all over his body but Nick continues to fight to live every day. Mary and I pray for Nick everyday and we know that so many others are as well,” said Tullier’s father James Tullier.  

On behalf of the Tullier family, thank you ahead of time for your continued prayers and for remaining on the “Miracle Express” as God’s miracle continues to unfold. 

Let’s all do our part to make sure Tullier knows how much he’s loved. Every card the Tulliers receive, they read it to him and keep it forever so let’s inundate them with cards.

Address to mail them to:

P.O. Box 938

Denham Springs, LA 70727

Want to get your own t-shirts, bracelets or decals to support Nick? Send a message to the Nick Tullier FB Page here

Want to donate to Tullier? Click here for Nick Tullier’s GoFundMe

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