Officer arrested for domestic battery & child endangerment

The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested a reserve officer from the Gonzales Police Department on Oct. 13th.

Officer Michael Ray Britt was arrested for child endangerment and domestic battery. As soon as Gonzales Police learned of his alleged involved, Britt was released from the department.

Britt allegedly violated his protective orders, was involved in a domestic battery and endangered a child around 6am.

Deputies on the scene interviewed a woman, who claimed she had a protective order against Britt, and was involved in a battery with him while a child was present.

Deputies confirmed the woman did have a protective order against Britt, and he was booked into the Ascension Parish Jail.

A spokesperson for the Gonzales PD said Britt volunteered as a reserve officer for 10 months.

He was released on Oct. 6th after the department was notified of his alleged involvement in a domestic incident that required APSO’s response.

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office also confirms Britt did work in the EBR Parish jail for about 1.5 years in 2018.

He remains at the Ascension Parish Jail and is awaiting arraignment.

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