17-month-baby boy who died in a hospital

Autopsy on 1-yr-old reveals “no fatal trauma” to body

BATON ROUGE — The East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office has wrapped up an autopsy of a 17-month-old baby, who is suspected to have died from a possible drowning.

Baton Rouge Police responded to a home on Cedarlane Dr. around 7:45pm on Sunday, April 23 for an unresponsive 1-yr-old baby boy.

17-month-baby boy, Grayson Wade Higginbotham, who died in a hospital (Source: Family)

Grayson Wade Higginbotham is said to have possibly drowned while in a bathtub at his grandmother’s home. When officers arrived, Grayson was unconscious.

The toddler was rushed to Children’s Hospital, but did not survive.

An autopsy has confirmed there was no fatal trauma to the body. That means there were no injuries or abuse physically to the body. A full toxicology and history have been ordered on Grayson and once that returns, it will determine the cause and manner of death.

“Everyone did the best they could”

Unfiltered with Kiran spoke to Grayson’s grandmother, Jessica Withrow on her grandson’s passing. She explained she has five children with the oldest being her 24-yr-old daughter and Grayson’s mother.

Withrow said her daughter came by her home Sunday evening to celebrate Withrow’s birthday and she had her two children with her. They wanted to surprise their mother and grandmother with cake with her belated birthday.

While there, Withrow’s daughter went ahead and started getting her two sons, a 3-yr-old and 1-yr-old Grayson, bathed and ready for bed.

“I was in the other room pressing graduation stoles and supplementing graduation stoles for my son’s fifth grade graduation,” said Withrow. “The kids were getting themselves together with baths and chores to get ready for the school week. She (her daughter) had put both of her kids in the tub and she was in there with them. The bathroom is connected to my bedroom. She just walked out to get their clothes and come back. She grabbed the 3-yr-old, took him out and put him on the bed and she went back, not even a minute later. Grayson had fell and he was in the tub. We got him out as fast as possible. It’s not like he was in there for minutes by himself. He was not unattended. It was a split second of getting one child out, dried his feet, sat him down and went back to get Grayson and he had fell. He was in the water. When he first got him, he was still breathing and he spit out water and we called 911.”

Withrow says she ran out of the house to see if she could find any help while her husband was waiting on 911 and doing CPR.

“There was an Amazon delivery lady in my neighborhood and she stopped and she ran in to help. I wish I could find her just to thank her. Everyone did the best they could,” said Withrow.

Grayson was rushed to a hospital but did not survive. Withrow said the hospital officials at Children’s Hospital are who pronounced Grayson dead.

“My grandson was never unattended. I don’t want my daughter to be painted in a bad light because she’s a great mom. She is not a bad mom at all. She takes great care of her children. She works hard, she lives on her own, does everything on her own and is a single-mom taking care of her kids,” she said through the tears.

Withrow and her family are now planning a funeral for Grayson and have started a GoFundMe to raise money to help pay/offset some of the charges. You can donate here.

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