OLOL Nurse begged gunman not to shoot: “I’m a nurse, I’m just getting ready for work”

JULY 12, 2021 UPDATE: The stolen vehicle has been recovered. It was recovered by East Baton Rouge Parish deputies unoccupied in the 8800 block of Gardere Ln. After it is processed for evidence, it will be returned to the owner. We’re told the car is intact, no damage done. All the nurse’s personal belongings in the cab of the car are gone, but that the suspect did not touch anything in the trunk, not even her gun.


We’re now getting more insight into the armed robbery that took place Friday evening in the parking garage of Our Lady of the Lake hospital on Essen Ln. in Baton Rouge.

Someone close to the case spoke to Unfiltered with Kiran on the basis of anonymity saying it was important to get the truth out to the public of what’s really going on in Baton Rouge.

“She wants this to be loud. People need to know what’s going on in Baton Rouge. What the mayor is saying, what the police chief is saying, what the news is reporting is all wrong. There’s so much more that’s going on than hits the news,” said the person who gave Unfiltered with Kiran many details of what unfolded Friday evening.

The OLOL nurse parked on the third floor of the parking garage, where visitors park as well, around 5:50pm on July 9. The nurse was on the phone with her sister at the time, sitting in her car finishing putting on her make-up and wrapping up her conversation.

It was around shift change for nurses, meaning there were plenty of others in the garage, and it was still broad daylight.

“She looked at her clock in her car to see how much time she had left and it was 5:57 pm. Whenever she shifted from looking at her clock to going back to her mirror, her attention was drawn to her side mirror. She saw a guy’s full body in the mirror with a gun drawn,” said the person.

The entire time, her sister remained on the phone with her. In fact, we’re told that she told her sister she didn’t know what was about to happen but someone has a gun.

That’s when the suspect tapped on the window with the gun and held it flush pointed at her face.

“At that point, she just broke. She begged him not to shoot her. He was trying to calm her down because seems like he didn’t want to make a scene but he was trying to get her to roll her window down. She just started repeating, ‘I’m a nurse, I’m just getting ready for work. I’m a nurse, I’m just getting ready for work.’ Whenever he got annoyed, he tapped on the glass again with the gun because he was getting frustrated that she wasn’t listening to him.”

He told her at that point, “roll the ****ing window down or I’m going to blow your head off,” according to this person.

The nurse then rolled the window down about an inch and asked him what he wanted and that she would give him anything and that they did not have to do this.

He calmly responded, “your car.”

The nurse calmly asked if she could at least keep her house keys. She then handed him just the key fob through the crack of the window. “He unlocked the car. He put his hands on her wrist. He put gun in his waistband. He was very calm. He told her to finish her face, ‘go ahead and finish your face.'”

She told him that she was finished with and he waved to someone as if he was telling someone he got it, shut the door and drove off with the tires screeching.

That nurse did not go to work yesterday.

The person who spoke to Unfiltered with Kiran said “She had not been asleep yet. She’s been awake 24 hours. She just can’t stop replaying it in her head. She had a gun in her console registered to her. She had maze also in her console. She had things at her disposal but when you have someone pointing a gun at your head five inches away, you don’t have the opportunity to grab anything. Yeah, he took her car but she feels like he took her peace. He violated her. She just doesn’t feel like she’s safe anywhere in her job anymore.”

The reason this person felt it necessary to put out the nurse’s entire story is so people realize the truth of what’s really going on in Baton Rouge. 

“They need to be vigilant. They need to be aware this can happen to anybody at any time. It doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are, you won’t be at that time. Something needs to be done in Baton Rouge, as a whole, as a community, as a whole, our leadership, something has got to be done.”

As for the nurse, we’re told she’s not just any nurse. She’s one of the most caring, compassionate nurses who worked in the Covid unit at OLOL. In fact, she was brand new to the job when Covid started and put into that ward but handled it like a champ. She’s won awards and she’s “an amazing nurse who loves every patient she takes care of. She’s simply amazing.”

The irony of this is she is a nurse in the trauma ICU at OLOL where gunshot victims go and the entire time, she was praying she wouldn’t turn into a patient at her own ward.

We’re told the nurse had saved up her money while working during Covid and bought herself the 2019 gray Chevy Camaro that was stolen.

So far, her car has yet to be found and she’s been told don’t be surprised if her car is used in other crimes.

The license plate on her vehicle is 166DPD (pic of vehicle above). The suspect is described as a black male in his 20’s, slim built, no facial hair, dreads approximately to his mid-back, no facial or hand tattoos. He was last seen wearing a black hoodie, black jeans, and a black cloth gator mask. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP

Unfiltered with Kiran did reach out to Our Lady of the Lake.

“One of our team members was carjacked in our parking garage as she was preparing to come into work last evening. We are grateful that our co-worker is physically unharmed and offer her our continued support and prayers. We appreciate the swift response of our house managers, security, and local law enforcement to this incident. We are confident in BRPD’s investigation and encourage anyone with information about this incident to call Crime Stoppers. We have added resources to our 24/7 onsite campus security. We continue visitor screening and sign-in at our entrances and appreciate the public’s cooperation.

We know events such as this create extra concerns and we are always working to assure the safety of our campus. Each of us plays a part.

We offer our continued prayers for the safety of our city, those who protect it and those who serve it as healthcare professionals.”

Security measures in place at OLOL:

– Security at entrance of garage

– 2 police officers on site

– Security presence 24/7

– Routine campus patrols

– Security escorts to employee cars upon request

– Campus security cameras

– Additional unit-specific measures with panic buttons, locked doors, etc as appropriate.

– Recently upgraded lighting in parking lots and garages

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