OLOL nurse hopes her story will keep others from becoming victims of violent crimes

OLOL nurse, who was robbed at gunpoint, reveals her plan moving forward to better protect herself and hopefully keep others from becoming victims.



Here’s so far what I’ve done in response to the event:

1. Took it to a local dealership to be sanitized bumper to bumper, inspected for damage, and my keys are being reprogrammed so the thief doesn’t have future access to it (he still has a key fob of mine so I felt this was the best route).

2. While my purse is gone and he could’ve looked at my ID, there is zero documentation in my vehicle with my current address, including my driver’s license. I moved recently and just haven’t had a break between my 2 jobs to update everything. Thank God.

3. I now have onstar activated for 24/7 tracking

4. I have enrolled in Pat Englade’s “Keeping yourself safe” class in hopes of learning self defense techniques. A few of my coworkers are attending with me.

5. I will be utilizing counseling services provided to employees by OLOL at no cost to me (this is standard and available to all employees)

6. The nurses still do not feel safe and have not seen an increase in security measures. So we have developed a buddy system amongst ourselves. We are coordinating arrival times to work, parking locations, and walking into work in groups.

7. As silly as it sounds, I’m also backing into every parking spot there from now on so that I have a better view of anyone that approaches, and my gun will be located in a spot that is safe, but easier to access in times of crisis.

I hope any of these tips help someone else.

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