Paramedic fired after allegedly claiming he was a doctor

“It was an elaborate scheme. It’s deception to a whole new level.”

A paramedic, who worked for Acadian Ambulance for seven years, was fired allegedly for fraudulently asserting himself as a doctor the last four years. He has since voluntarily surrendered his paramedic license to the Louisiana Dept. of Health.

“We have a guy who is illegally prescribing prescriptions. We have a serious imposter here who’s gotten away with it for at least four years,” said a source, who spoke on the basis of anonymity.

Samrat Mukherjee was employed as a paramedic with Acadian Ambulance. His employment with the company began in May 2015 until he was fired on Dec. 9, 2022.

It all came to light a few weeks ago when Acadian Ambulance employees were discussing Mukherjee’s status as a doctor. As soon as officials learned that Mukherjee was not an actual doctor, he was fired immediately. Mukherjee also acted as Acadian’s “flight physician.”

Multiple credible sources tell Unfiltered with Kiran that Mukherjee used a fellow doctor’s National Prescription Identifier (NPI) number as his own. That’s the number doctors use to call in prescriptions instead of writing it out on a prescription pad. That’s how Mukherjee was allegedly able to call in prescriptions, under his fellow doctor’s name. Plus, sources say Mukherjee pretended to be a “resident” with that same doctor being his attending physician during residency.

In a conversation with Mukherjee in 2018, the former paramedic told Kiran Chawla he was a recent graduate of medical school and was a doctor. In fact, sources say Mukherjee went as far as forging his own match letter. After completing medical school, students are matched with a hospital for their residency. Sources said Mukherjee made up his own program code and program name for his match letter and then took to social media with it.

Samrat Mukherjee’s alleged forged match letter

Sources tell UWK Mukherjee never graduated college. He did have a paramedic’s license, but he was not a physician as he had allegedly been claiming for at least the last four years.

“He introduced himself as Dr. Sam. He was known to Acadian as Dr. Samrat Mukherjee. He had forged medical degrees hanging up in his room. It was an elaborate scheme. It’s deception to a whole new level,” said the source.

Anyone can check their doctor’s license to verify if the doctor is legitimate. A search of the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners for Mukherjee came back with “no record found,” meaning he is not a doctor in Louisiana.

UWK reached out to Acadian Ambulance for a comment on this investigation. Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations Randall Mann responded:

Samrat Mukherjee was employed with Acadian Ambulance Service as a paramedic with confirmed paramedic credentials. He was at no time employed as a physician and never performed any duties related to Medical Control or beyond the practice of a paramedic in the course and scope of his employment with Acadian. He is no longer employed by Acadian.” 

Randall Mann

Despite Acadian Ambulance saying Mukherjee only acted as a paramedic during his employment, sources say Mukherjee went well outside the scope of a paramedic by giving instructions to medics for treating patients. Pictures of Mukherjee flying include his tag identifying him as a “flight physician.” Plus, Acadian’s own social media page shows they referred to Mukherjee as their “flight physician.” The picture on the left is prior to Mukherjee’s termination. After he was fired, Acadian updated their original post and deleted Mukherjee’s name and title.

“He was pretending to be a resident physician at Our Lady of the Lake (“OLOL”). That’s why Acadian gave him the respect by giving him the title of “flight physician.” He has been seen going in and out of Our Lady of the Lake. He has a white coat & scrubs with his name and MD (Medical Doctor) embroidered on it pretending to be a physician at the Lake. He had an ID badge & even ID access to hospital floors at OLOL for sure,” said the source.

UWK reached out to OLOL for comment who verified Mukherjee was never an employee at the hospital.

Currently, Baton Rouge Police is investigating possible claims of wrongdoing at OLOL.

Meanwhile, the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating additional claims.


It’s unclear how Mukherjee was able to pass as a physician with Acadian Ambulance. They forwarded UWK to the investigating agency for any further questions.

UWK has reached out to multiple state agencies inquiring whether they’re investigating Mukherjee and his alleged claims of being a doctor including calling in prescriptions under a doctor’s name. Many agencies have not responded at this time or stated “no comment.”

UWK did call Mukherjee. He answered his phone and said he had no comment. Mukherjee directed UWK to his lawyer. A call to his lawyer has not been returned as of this report. Mukherjee has voluntarily surrendered his paramedic license.

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