Parent arrested, accused of illegal recording devices on daughter’s wheelchair

A Livingston Parish parent turned herself into the Livingston Parish Detention Center on Nov. 29th allegedly for illegally putting recording devices on her daughter’s wheelchair.

Amanda Carter, 39, is facing 20 counts of felony interception & disclosure of wire, electronic or oral communication.

“One of our LPSO School Resource Officers was contacted by Livingston Parish school leaders after a recording device was discovered on a high school property,” said Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard. “During our investigation, it was revealed that multiple recording devices were discovered over this school year. These devices recorded conversations & some of those conversations were shared/posted/edited without consent of those in the conversations in that school setting. We have received multiple complaints as some of these recordings involve juveniles.”

Carter reached out to Unfiltered with Kiran saying she has a non-verbal daughter at Live Oak High School in Livingston Parish and records because she believes school personnel do not treat her daughter right.

“The school is excellent and I want to believe her teachers and staff love my child but they are being extremely vindictive,” said Carter.

Parents of some of the children allegedly recorded reached out to Unfiltered with Kiran saying one of the alleged incidents happened on Nov. 4th involving a coach talking to her students. Parents were notified that their children were allegedly recorded. According to the parents, the coach was speaking to her students when she happened to see an empty wheelchair.


Having had a similar incident in the past with a recording device found on the wheelchair, a school official went to check the wheelchair and parents say she found a recording device.

To confirm the device on the wheelchair, school officials removed the recording device and sent the wheelchair & student home. When Carter’s daughter made it home, she emailed school officials asking where the recording device went. In that email, Carter allegedly stated to return all of her recording devices.

Since Nov. 4th, there have been at least three more recording devices found, on Nov. 9th, 11th and 16th. UWK is told additional devices were located on the wheelchair on Oct. 3rd and 4th having recorded a different coach. In all the cases, the wheelchair was not in the same room as the student. In the October cases, clips were posted to social media platforms such as Youtube & Facebook and emailed to the Livingston Parish school board. Also, one recording device was allegedly found in Carter’s daughter’s hair.

Carter told UWK that she has “recordings of them saying they almost slammed my disabled wheelchair-bound daughter to the ground and they laughed.” She added, “I have filed several reports with the police about cruelty to the infirmed yet they have never investigated any of it. They are doing full-body searches of my daughter at school every morning and refusing her access to her wheelchair.”

Sources say Carter allegedly edits the recordings to appear as if school personnel are biased. For example, in one particular case, sources say a coach was referring to a student’s last name of “White” and that was edited to appear as if the coach was referring to the student as a white boy. That is what sources say was sent to the school board.

Louisiana is a one-party consent state for recording meaning as long as one party consents to being recorded, it is within the law. However, what sets this specific case apart is that the student was not in the wheelchair at the time of the recordings. That means no one in the room gave consent to be recorded and the recording was allegedly illegal.

UWK reached out to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office asking if they were investigating Carter’s allegations of someone allegedly “almost slamming her daughter to the ground and laughed,” full-body searches and if they had reports for cruelty to the infirmed.

Sheriff Ard responded, “I can also tell you that Carter has filed complaints with our office, too. Those allegations are against school officials claiming neglect & theft. Some of those claims have been unfounded. Some are still being investigated. We are limited in what we can share as this is a sensitive case, involving juveniles. Our investigation is ongoing.’  

Carter’s bond was set at $15,000. She has already bonded out.

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