Concealed carry

Permitless concealed carry bill among topics being debated at special session

BATON ROUGE – Sen. Blake Miguez filed Senate Bill 1, the constitutional carry bill for the special session, which begins Feb. 19.

A similar bill, filed by Rep. Danny McCormick in the 2023 regular session, died in June when he voluntarily deferred the bill after several amendments he didn’t support were added.

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Miguez’s bill would allow permitless concealed carry for residents over 18 years old who are not prohibited from possessing a gun under any federal or state law.

The co-authors on the bill are: Senators Caleb Kleinpeter, Alan Seabaugh, Jay Morris and Rep. Mike Johnson.

Louisiana and South Carolina are two states vying to become the 28th state to allow constitutional/permitless carry.

McCormick’s bill in 2023 was originally drafted to allow residents 18 and older to carry a gun without a permit, but the bill was ammended to raise the age to 21 and over.

During last year’s session, supporters of the bill argue that it aligns with the Second Amendment and brings Louisiana in line with the other states that have similar constitutional carry laws.

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Opponents of the bill contend that training and background checks required to obtain a concealed carry permit are necessary for responsible gun ownership in Louisiana.

“As a staunch supporter of our right to bear arms and a former World and US National Pistol Champion, I’m personally committed to ensuring this bill becomes law,” Miguez announced on social media after filing the bill. “Our citizens deserve the freedom to protect themselves and their loved ones without unnecessary governmental barriers. It’s time for Louisiana to join our neighboring states in upholding the true spirit of the Second Amendment.”

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