Betrayed Trust: Louisiana Paramedic Samrat Mukherjee Exposed

In this episode, of Louisiana Unfiltered Kiran Chawla and Katherine Read bring you into the shocking case of Samrat Mukherjee, who posed as a doctor for years in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
The story came to our attention and we broke this story when a source from Acadian Ambulance reached out to us, revealing that Mukherjee had been fired. We confirmed the story and reported on it, despite Acadian’s denial.

Multiple employees insisted that Mukherjee had claimed to be a doctor. In fact, Kiran interviewed him herself when he was working as a paramedic, and he mentioned being a fifth-year medical student. Later, it was discovered that he had forged a letter to falsely claim acceptance to medical school.

Mukherjee claimed to have attended Emory Medical School, Tulane, and LSU. This raised suspicions as it seemed like he was weaving a web of lies involving multiple entities. His audacity in deceiving others we and many others found astonishing.

The investigation revealed that Mukherjee used an actual doctors information to call in prescriptions, by using the doctors National Prescription Identifier (NPI) number. Acadian Ambulance, his employer, terminated him immediately upon discovering this, though many find it concerning that someone like him could slip through the verification process at Acadian, especially considering that they provide life-saving care in various communities.

Mukherjee has pleaded not guilty to the criminal charges against him. Dr. Le is seeking justice through a civil lawsuit, holding Mukherjee and Acadian Ambulance liable for their roles in the case.
Throughout our investigation, we faced challenges in obtaining responses from various agencies. However, a federal grand jury indictment validated our concerns, and the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation and the Criminal Investigative Division of the Louisiana Department of Justice launched an investigation into potential medical fraud.

We also interview Dallon Bush and Jamie Gontarek, who represent Dr. Le in the case. They discuss their involvement and the misuse of Dr. Le’s NPI number by Mukherjee.
The entire Louisiana Unfiltered team stands by the affected individuals and continues to follow this story closely.


0:01:59 Mukherjee fired from Acadian Ambulance, charges and indictment follow
0:04:50 Mukherjee’s long employment history at Acadian discussed
0:07:59 Unraveling of Mukherjee’s lies through conversations and prescription incident
0:10:29 Acadian Ambulance: Verification Process
0:13:17 Unraveling the Truth: OLL Confirmation and Facebook Posts
0:29:30 Confirmation of forgery and access to medical facilities
0:33:40 Dr. Le as the party in the civil lawsuit
0:36:39 Introduction to Dallon Bush and Jamie Gontarek
0:39:30 Connection between Dr. Le and Samrat Mukherjee revealed
0:45:52 Theories of liability and negligence actions explained

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