Debating Constitutional Carry in Louisiana with Former BRPD Chiefs Englade and Phares

This episode of Louisiana Unfiltered explores the proposed constitutional carry legislation in Louisiana, discussing the benefits and concerns surrounding permitless concealed carry.

Former police chiefs Pat Englade and Greg Phares offer contrasting views on the bill, highlighting its implications for individual rights, public safety, and law enforcement. The episode emphasizes the need for thoughtful gun control policies and responsible gun ownership practices, advocating for proper training and decision-making to enhance safety and security.

Kiran Chawla and the chiefs also touch on changes in police laws and the role of media in crises, promoting engagement in gun training classes.

0:00:13 Louisiana’s Second Amendment Debate
0:03:51 Interview with Former Police Chiefs
0:21:12 Understanding Terry Stops
0:24:44 Rise in Gun Violence Concerns
0:28:25 Potential Legal Implications of Terry Stops
0:33:07 Fear and Panic During the Derrick Todd Lee Case
0:38:09 Media Influence and False Information
0:41:11 The Weight of Taking a Life
0:45:58 The Reality of the Bill Passing
0:50:12 Background Checks and Mental Illness
0:52:26 Unregulated Private Gun Sales
0:55:01 The Importance of Training and Responsibility
0:56:25 Upholding the Second Amendment
0:57:20 Differing Views on Self-Protection

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