Madison Brooks: An Emotional Conversation with Mom

In this episode,Kiran Chawla and Katherine Read bring you up to date on the tragic case of Madison Brooks, a 19-year-old pre-law student at LSU who was raped and later died after a night out at Reggie’s nightclub.

We discuss the details of what happened that night and explore the issue of consent and the legal limit for alcohol consumption for underage individuals in Louisiana, and discuss the concern about the impact of alcohol consumption on young people in the state.

We move on into the legal perspective of the case, discussing the involvement of the bar that allowed Madison to purchase alcohol and the subsequent shutdown of the establishment.
We highlight the arrests made in connection with the case, including the upgrade of charges from third-degree to first-degree rape.

In a rare interview we have an emotional conversation with Madison’s mother, Ashley, who shares her experience of losing her daughter and finding purpose in her pain through the Madison Brooks Foundation. We explore the goals of the foundation, including providing financial assistance, advocating for the safety of young adults, and promoting organ donation. We also discuss the foundation’s billboard in Times Square and emphasize the importance of legislation regarding underage drinking. Ashley recounts how she found out about the tragic event, describing the devastating moment when she received a call from the hospital and rushed to see her daughter, only to realize it would likely be the last time she would see her alive.

0:00:13 The Illusion of Safety: Going Out in College
0:02:19 Madison Brooks’ Last Night at Reggie’s
0:12:41 Devastating Encounter: A Harrowing Experience
0:13:21 Mother’s Fight for Justice for Her Daughter
0:14:54 Helplessness as a Parent
0:17:54 The power of speaking up
0:20:27 Madison Brooks: A Special Daughter
0:33:07 A Life-Altering Vehicle Collision: The Aftermath Begins
0:33:36 Shocking Revelation: Investigation Needed for Hospital Incident
0:37:49 Closure of Reggie’s bar and the fight for justice
0:41:08 The sensitive nature of recorded evidence
0:43:28 Defense strategy
0:45:41 Choosing to speak out for the truth
0:47:42 Empowering survivors and promoting awareness

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